The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 27: Man Made Alligator/Spider Baby

Born on February 10, 1906, Lon Chaney Jr. is the latest icon to receive a Classic Horrors Club Podcast tribute. As they’ve done in the past, Jeff and Richard discuss three films from his horror career: one near the beginning (Man Made Monster, 1941), one near the middle (The Alligator People, 1959) and one near the end (Spider Baby, 1967). It’s the maddest podcast ever recorded and we invite you to join our monthly meeting!

For Jeff’s birthday this month, he requests that you give the podcast a rating on iTunes.  And, as always, you can provide feedback by calling:

(616) 649-2582
That’s (616) 649-CLUB

or by emailing:, or by…

…joining us in our clubhouse at:

The Plugs:

Find Jeff at Classic Horrors Club:

Find Richard at Kansas City Cinephile: or Monster Movie Kid:

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