Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Pt. 7: All the Rest (Categories 19+)

As of today, there’s just over a week left to cast your votes for the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. I’m overjoyed that is nominated this year in Category 17: Best Website or Blog of 2017 and I appreciate every vote it receives toward actually winning. There are a few remaining categories for which I have some comments, and some nominees for which I would encourage you to vote.

Category 19: Best Convention of 2017

Granted, I went to only one, but I can’t imagine a better convention than Monster Bash!  My first trip to Mars was perfect in every way.  Sure, there was shopping and entertainment, but the highlight was spending time with friends both old and new.


Here are the nominees, with links, some of which announce events for 2018:


BLOB FEST (Phoenixville, Pa.)

CHILLER (Parsippany, NJ)

CINEMA WASTELAND (Strongsville, Oh.)


CTHULHUCON (Portland, Ore.)

DAYS OF THE DEAD (Indianapolis)




G-FEST (Rosemont, Il.)



HORROR REALM  (Pittsburgh)



MONSTERFEST (Chesapeake, Va.)




ROCK & SHOCK (Worcester, Ma.)

SCAREFEST (Lexington, Ky.)

SCARES THAT CARE (Williamsburg, Va.)



STOKERCON (Queen Mary, Long Beach, Calif.)


WONDERFEST (Louisville)

Category 20:  Best Event

Again, I attended only one, but I have to throw support to my home state, as unlikely a place as it is to host the Ray Harryhausen Mythical Menagerie exhibit.  I’m so happy I was able to make the day trip to Oklahoma City for this once in a lifetime experience.


Here are the nominees, with links (when possible) so you can read all about them:

BLOB PANIC RE-ENACTMENT. Fans run out of the same Pennsylvania theatre attacked by The Blob.

COUNT GORE DEVOL PRESENTS. Live double-bills of classics in Silver Spring, Md.

FRANKENSTEIN: THE TRUE STORY.  Writer Sam Irvin, takes over Creature Features in Burbank.

JOHN FULTON’s daughter, Joanne, talks about his special effects legacy during three-day event in his hometown of Beatrice, Neb.

RAY HARRYHAUSEN MYTHICAL MENAGERIE.  Exhibit at Science Museum Oklahoma (first U.S. exhibit since his death in 2013) with daughter Vanessa among guests.

HORRORBLES monster shop relaunches in Berwyn, Ill., with a party at Flashback Convention.

IMAGINEERING, the makeup company of the 70s, is celebrated by Dan Roebuck and company veterans.

INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN’s 60th Anniversary celebrated by Peter Brothers, Scott Essman, Frank Dietz, others in Calabash, Calif.

MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 launches live tour with stage shows in San Francisco and elsewhere.

PINHEAD EXPERIENCE features Doug Bradley in full costume at Mad Monster Party in Scottsdale, Ariz.

RADIOTHEATRE’S H.P. LOVECRAFT FESTIVAL, eight audio drama performed live by NYC’s Radiotheatre.

SUSAN SARANDON sings Rocky Horror’s  ‘Don’t dream it, be it,’ after being honored at Sitges Film Festival in Spain.

JOHN WATERS performs ‘This Filthy World’ at HorrorHound Weekend.

WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH blood drive PSAs, curated by the Soska Sisters in February 2017.

Category 25:  Best Artist of 2017


I mentioned him earlier, but Mark Maddox was very prolific in 2017.  Each and every one of his magazine covers is a work of art.  I met Mark at Monster Bash and was thrilled to learn that you can buy prints of most of them.  And I did… well, some of them.

Category 29. The Monster Kid Hall of Fame

Photo Jun 23, 4 19 50 PM

Something’s fishy that Ricou Browning, the only surviving Universal Monster (underwater Creature from the Black Lagoon) has not already been inducted into the Monster Kid Hall of Fame.  I’m going to do my part to make it happen this year.

I’ve recently learned of a campaign to induct Elvira into the Monster Kid Hall of Fame and I wouldn’t be opposed to that.  However, if it was between the two and I had only one vote, I’d choose Ricou Browning and vote for Elvira next year.


That’s it for this year’s nominees.

Voting for the Rondo Awards is really easy! Simply send an email to by midnight on Sunday, April 8, 2018. You don’t have to vote in every category; however, you are limited to one ballot.  (Visit for complete details.)

While you’re voting for these great movies, TV shows and home video releases, please consider voting for in Category 17: Best Website or Blog of 2017… only if you like what you see here and believe that it deserves it.

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