Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Pt. 5: Digital (Categories 17-18)

Category 17: Best Website or Blog of 2017

I’d be a terrible salesman.  As thrilled as I am to be nominated for a Rondo Award in Category 17: Best Website or Blog of 2017, and as much of an honor as it would be to win, I just can’t bring myself to campaign for votes.  It’s not that I think I don’t deserve to win; I actually believe perfectly represents “the best in classic horror research and creativity,” two of the three qualifying factors.  (As for “film preservation,” I work only to preserve the movies in the minds of the audience, with an underlying goal of expanding that audience, particularly in a new generation.)  If you read my “About” page, you will learn learn exactly how it came to be and why I do it.

I do want you to vote for, but only if you visit the site, like what you see, and think it deserves to win based on the criteria.  Heck, if you’re here, click around… there’s more to just this page, which contains the hopefully-coherent ramblings of one person.  I’ve indexed these movies into five categories I call the “Ages of Classic Horror.”  Do you like the music in classic horror movies?  Check out the “Playlist” page.  Do you want to read the original stories on which these movies were based?  Check out the “Reading List” page.  Please feel free to explore and discover what else the blog has to offer.  There wasn’t a website that had everything I wanted to see, so I created one!

Whatever blog or website earns your vote, I feel strongly that it should be “non-professional.”  I consider “commercial” news and reviews sites like birth.movies.death, Bloody Disgusting and Dread Central out of the running and would like to see one with a little more homemade charm win, whether it’s mine or not.  I’m not against sites with ads (I may go there someday), but these sites get plenty of attention on their own.  I’ve taken the rest and categorized them by type, something I did last year when I was not nominated.  They’re all linked so you can click and check them out on your own.  They’re all worthy and I sincerely hope you’ll vote for the one you like best.


Blog (Blogspot/Wordpress)

Classic Horrors Club: “From silent screen to Halloween and everything scary in between.”

John Kenneth Muir: “Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV.”

Monster Magazine World:  “A blog for monster kids, monsterologists and even humans who love monster magazines”

Video Watchblog:  The online evolution of Video Watchdog magazine.

The Horrors Of It All:  “A celebration and appreciation of 50’s pre-code comic book horror & more!”

Scared Silly: “Classic Hollywood Horror-Comedies”

Sin Street Sleaze:  “The Lurid Pulp and Pop Culture Writings of John Harrison”

Message Board/Forum

Latarnia: Fantastique International:  “International horror, fantasy, mystery, beauty”

Universal Monster Army:  “Universal monsters and vintage monster toys unite in the Universal Monster Army!”

Women in Horror Month: “Every February, a celebration of films and directors.”

Blog (Other)

CineDump:  “Take a seat for reviews and interviews.”

Collinsport Historical Society:  “Chasing the Shadows left by Baranbas Collins.”

Collecting Classic Monsters:  “The digital clubhouse for monster kids & collectors of classic monster, retro science fiction and vintage fantasy memorabilia.”

Daily Dead: “Movies, toys, horror. Repeat.”

Dr. Gangrene’s Mad Blog  “Dissecting the best and worst horror movies and more!”

Zombos Closet:  “A horror fan with a blog.  Scary.”

Classic Movie Monsters Blog: “Your resource for all things monsters.”

Ravenous Monster:  “Devouring horror one bloody chunk at a time.”

Bloody Pit of Rod:  “My meandering thoughts on movies old and new.”

Graveyard Shift Sisters:  “Purging the black female horror fan from the margins.”

Scifi Japan:  “The new home of Monster Zero News!”

Mondo Cult:  “Cinema, Literatura, Quadrinhos e Artes Diversas”

News & Reviews (commercial sites)

birth.movies.death:  “A no-hype look at all things fantastic.”

Bloody Disgusting:  “Horror movie news, reviews, interviews, videos, and more.”

Dread Central:  “Horror Movies, News, Reviews, Podcasts”  Scare news from the North.

Facebook Page

B-Movie Film Vault:  “Constantly updated clips and news.”

The Dwight Frye Appreciation Group:  “He was more than a lab assistant.”

Monster Kid Clubhouse:  “A classic horror signpost on Facebook.”


Witch’s Dungeon  (  “Classic Movie Museum Celebrating over 50 years!”


Terror From Beyond the Daves:  “The Best Daves of Your Lives.  Horror Hosts! Movie Monsters & Prehistoric Terrors! Cryptozoology & Unexplained Phenomena!”

Serial Squadron:  “The Serial Squadron Cinema Cliffhanger Archive.”

Write-in considerations:

Kitley’s Krypt:  “Discover the horror.”

Monster Movie Kid:  “From musty classics to fresh blood, all horror movies have a home here where it’s always Halloween!”

Category 18: Best Multi-Media Horror Site

This is sort of the “other digital” category.  Some of the nominees are podcasts, some are web series, and some are… I’m not sure.

I feel the same way about Category 18 as I do about Category 17:  I’d prefer a more “homemade” nominee to win.  I have nothing against the Blumhouse Shock Waves Podcast or Trailers from Hell, but they’ve got some money behind them.  Who is accomplishing more in their basement or “on the go?”  That doesn’t mean a podcast, for example, shouldn’t sound professional.  Monster Kid Radio sounds as professional as anything, but it’s obviously a labor of love for its writer-director-producer-host, Derek M. Koch.  I’m voting for MKR because week after week, Derek and friends do more than anyone I know to keep the fun and excitement of classic horror alive.

I would also limit my votes to nominees that are focused on classic horror.  So many mix new and old, which is a great way to entice younger generations.  However, it takes just a little extra commitment, and perhaps bravery, to dedicate it all to silent movies, black and white films, and wonderfully bad drive-in movies.  It’s not always easy coming up with material for silly monsters, bloodless vampires, and men in rubber suits, so I just think the extra effort makes them better nominees.



Between Light & Shadow: A Twilight Zone Podcast:  “Twilight Zone episodes dissected.”

Bloody Good Horror:  “No-nonsense reviews of old and new.”

Blumhouse Shock Waves Podcast:  “Unholy trio of Galluzzo, Kane & McKendry.”

B-Movie Cast:  “Almost 400 episodes about our favorite things.”

Damn Dirty Geeks:  “Hollywood pros, fans and monsters talk shop every month.”

Doctor of the Dead:  “Podcast of zombies, by zombies, for zombies.”

Hellbent for Horror:  “The podcast with a manifesto for horror.”

Horror Movie Podcast:  “Dead serious about horror movies.”

Kaijucast:  “Godzilla’s early warning sysytem.”

Monster Kid Radio:  “Derek Koch hosts modern talk about classic monsters.”

Night of the Living Podcast:  “Live horrors from Cincinnati weekly.”

Projection Booth Podcast:  “Movie talk and more.”

Ray Harryhausen Podcast”  “Stop-motion talks from the Harryhausen Foundation.”

Six Foot Plus:  “Talk and music buried deep.”

Twilight Zone Podcast:  “Another signpost up ahead.”

You Must Remember This:  “Topics have included Boris, Bela and Lewton.”


Bloodbath and Beyond:  “Horror reviews and gotta love that name.”

Count Gore De Vol’s Creature Features:  “Weekly web program from a classic horror host.”

Cult Radio A Go-Go!:  “Pioneers of the horror-talk genre; now on Roku, too.”

Dr. Destruction’s Big Top Radio Broadcast:  “Streaming from Wisconsin.”

Eerie the Late Night Horror Channel:  “Horror hosts and The Monster Channel.”

The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price:  “Dr. Gangrene’s film-by-film survey.”

The Homicidal Homemaker:  “Where Home Economics Meets Horror”

The Monster Report:  “Video reviews of kaiju old and new.”

Post Mortem with Mick Garris  Interviews with horror’s top filmmakers

13th Floor:  “The elevator stops here.”

Trailers from Hell:  “Joe Dante and gang comment on vintage trailers.”


Fright Asylum:  “Horror reviews and comedy.”

Gruesome magazine:  “Interviews and overviews of the horror scene.”

Horror Happens Radio Show:  “Jay K, the Ghost and horror as it happens.”

Poe Forevermore Radio Theater:  “Keeping the legends of macabre literature alive.”

The Slaughtered Bird Horrors and interviews from Liverpool.

The Vortexx:  “Hosting horror hosts and more.”

Podcast Write-Ins

The Classic Horrors Club Podcast:  Sorry, I don’t want to push my luck, but I’m only half of a great podcast with the “Monster Movie Kid,” Richard Chamberlain.

Faculty of Horror:  “Podcasting from the horrored halls with Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West.”

Nightmare Junkhead:  “Join Greg D and Jenius McGee (Nerds of Nostalgia) as they take a weekly look into horror. Proud member of The Phantom Podcast Network!”

That’s it for today.  I’m going to read some comic books this weekend and do a big post about them next week.

Voting for the Rondo Awards is really easy! Simply send an email to by midnight on Sunday, April 8, 2018. You don’t have to vote in every category; however, you are limited to one vote.  (Visit for complete details.)

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