The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 07: Giant Insect Monster Bash

It’s a monster-sized episode (pun intended) as Jeff and Richard report their adventures from Monster Bash and share clips from discussions with VIP guests such as Bert I. Gordon, who, coincidentally, produced and directed this month’s movie, The Beginning of the End (1957).  Grab a cup of coffee, take your seats and get ready for a meeting that’s a little longer than usual, but that will make you feel like you were there with us…

The Plugs:

Classic Horrors Club:

Kansas City Cinephile:

Monster Movie Kid:

Unsung Horrors & We Belong Dead:

Photo Jun 25, 10 29 53 AM

Richard at Evans City Cemetery


The Recommendations:

Creepy Classics:

Monster Bash:

Monster Kid Radio:

The Online Home of the Films of Christopher R. Mihm:

Joshua Kennedy:

The Time Shifters Podcast:

Photo Jun 23, 4 19 50 PM

Ricou Browning with Jeff


Photo Jun 23, 4 33 05 PM

Bert I. Gordon with Jeff


The Movie:

Beginning of the End:

Photo Jun 25, 12 42 20 PM

Jeff, Christopher Page, Richard, Steve Sullivan

Photo Jun 25, 12 43 29 PM

Richard, Christopher R. Mihm, Steve Sullivan, Derek M. Koch, Mitch Gonzalez

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