Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Pt. 4: All the Rest

There are only three days left to vote for your favorites in the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!  The list of nominees acts as a checklist for movies, books, podcasts, etc. that you may want to give a try during the coming year.  But we’re now into the very specific categories like conventions and live events.  You were either there or you weren’t, so how do you vote?

Well, you either don’t vote, or you find justification for picking one of the nominees.  I’ve taken both approaches with the remaining categories.  You may want to follow suit or do your own thing.  Just have fun with it!

Category 19: Best Convention of 2016

I must abstain from this category because I sadly attended none of these conventions.  I sunk everything into Wizard World Philadelphia for the “Back to the Future VIP Experience,” where I got to meet Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd and Bob Gale.  I vow that it’s going to be different this year, though, as I proceed making plans to attend Monster Bash this June!  Here are the nominees, anyway:

Alien Con (Santa Rosa, CA)
Blob Fest (Phoenixville, PA)
Bone-Bat Comedy of Horrors (Seattle, WA)
Chiller (Parsippany, NJ)
Cinema Wasteland (Strongsville, OH)
Crypticon (Seattle, OR)
Cthulhucon (Portland, OR)
Days of the Dead (Indianapolis, IN)
Dragoncon (Atlanta, GA)
Etheria Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
Flashback Weekend (Rosemont, IL)
G-Fest (Rosemont, IL)
Ghoulardifest (Cleveland, OH)
Horrorhound Weekend (Cincinnati, OH)
Horror Realm  (Pittsburgh, PA)
Mad Monster Party (Charlotte, NC)
Monster Bash (Mars, PA)
Monsterfest (Chesapeake, VA)
Monster-Mania (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Monsterpalooza (Burbank, CA)
Monsterama (Atlanta, GA)
Necronomicon (Providence, RI)
Rock and Shock (Worcester, MA)
Scarefest (Lexington, KY)
Scares That Care (Williamsburg, VA)
Silver Scream Festival (Santa Rosa, CA)
Spooky Empire (Orlando, GA)
Texas Frightmare Weekend (Dallas, TX)
Wonderfest (Louisville, KY)


Category 20: Best Live Event

Although I didn’t personally attend any of the live events, either, I’m not going to abstain from voting.  That’s because when I went to Philadelphia last year, I drove to Pittsburgh after Wizard World and made a detour through Phoenixville, PA to see the movie theater used in filming The Blob.

Fate was with me that day as I arrived just before a tour of the theater was beginning.  I jumped in and got the deluxe guest treatment, inside and out.  While there, I learned about the “Blob Panic Re-enactment” and now believe I was close enough to vote for it.  If I didn’t actually attend, I can at least say my visit made me want to attend as soon as I can!

Here are all the nominees:

“American Werewolves In Santa Rosa”  (John Landis, Rick Baker and David Naughton speak after screening of An American Werewolf In London at Scream Festival)

“At Home With Monsters”  (Exhibit of Guillermo Del Toro’s collection at Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

Blob Panic Re-Enactment  (Fans run out of the Colonial Theatre; Blobfest)

“Count Gore Devol Presents”  (Live shows in Silver Spring, MD)

Elvira inducted into Horror Host Hall Of Fame at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati

“Frankenstein Lake Revisited”  (Sara Karloff and Don Watkins, are reunited at lake near Malibu where the monster threw ‘Little Maria’ into the water

Akira Ifukube Chamber Music concert in Chicago

“Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes”  (Live reading of Script of Joe Dante’s proposed biopic of Roger Corman’s The Trip)

“Plan 9 From Outer Space”  (Live reading of script by Patton Oswalt, Fred Willard, Dana Gould, and others in Los Angeles

Radiotheatre’s “Edgar Allan Poe Festival”

“A Strange Night with Coffin Joe”  (Ray Castile and Tom Stockman present double-feature at Webster University in St. Louis)

Tribute to Bernie Wrightson  (Ailing artist’s son, John, at Creature Features in Burbank)

Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum celebrates 50 years in Connecticut


Category 21: Favorite Horror Host of 2016

I’m sad to admit that I am not familiar with most of the horror hosts who are nominees.  Of course, I know and love Svengoolie, but I’m going to cast my vote for Dr. Gangrene from Nashville.  I cast him aside in other categories where he would have been a worthy winner, so I’m going to choose him here.

He writes a column (“The Doctor is In-Sane”) in Scary Monsters, has a blog (Dr. Gangrene’s Mad Blog), hosts the terrific web series, “The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price,” and wrote a short film, The Beast in the Cave.  (Well, his alter-ego, Larry Underwood, wrote it.)  He’s a real renaissance man and I’m going to pick him.  Here are all the nominees:

The Bone Jangler (Illinois)
The Bowman Body (Virginia)
Count Gore De Vol (Washington D.C.)
Count Gregula (Count Gregula’s Crypt)
Dr. Gangrene (Nashville)
Dr. Madblood (Virginia)
Freakshow (Wisconsin)
Fritz the Nite Owl (Columbus)
Ghoul a Go-Go (New York)
The Ghouligans (New York)
Gruesome Graves (Indiana)
Halloween Jack
Karlos Borloff (Monster Madhouse)
Lord Blood-Rah (San Francisco)
Mr. Lobo (California)
Nigel Honeybone (Australia)
Ormon Grimsby (North Carolina)
Penny Dreadful (New England)
Son of Ghoul (Ohio)
Svengoolie (Berwyn)


Category 23: Best CD

I’ll be honest.  I actually downloaded most of these so I could make an educated vote.  However, I have not yet listened to all of them.  I assure you I will make every effort to do so before casting my final vote.  But you’re on your own for this one.

If I had to vote right now, it would be for Stranger Things.  That’s because there’s been no other place here to recognize it and its two soundtracks are awesome.  My only hesitation about committing to that vote is the lack of a true “classic horror” connection.

Here are the nominees:

H.P. Lovecraft/Clark Ashton Smith (Cadabra)

It’s Only a Movie (HorrorHound) Shock and Rockabilly bands cover famous horror movie themes

Lost Themes II (Scared Bones)  Unheard music by John Carpenter.

Stranger Things, Vols. 1 and 2 (Lakeshore)  Music from the Netflix series

Midnight Syndicate: Zombies!!!  Official board game soundtrack

Misfits: Friday The 13th  (Four-song EP)

Sinbad & the Pirate Princess (Damfino) Mark Redfield, Martine Beswick, Caroline Munro audio adventure

And now for the write-ins!

Category 24: Best Writer of 2016 (includes reviewers)

Category 25: Best Artist of 2016 (all formats, including paint, sculpture or design)

Category 26: Best Fan Artist of 2016 (The Linda Miller Award)

Category 27: International Fan of the Year

I’m not going to be very good with write-ins for Categories 24-27.  I need to pay more attention throughout the year to who’s writing what I read and drawing what I see.  I won’t hesitate, though, to make a pitch for Categories 28 and 29.


Category 28: Monster Kid of the Year

Just look at the question that defines this category:  Who did the most to advance the cause of classic horror scholarship, film preservation or genre fun?  I know only one person who, day in and day out, promotes classic horror and does it in a fun, engaging way.  He’s been consistent throughout the year and he’s like a goodwill ambassador for classic horror.

He even worked for a short time last year for a company that was restoring old movies.  This person is Derek M. Koch of Monster Kid Radio.  Others may have done amazing things in 2016, but Derek does his thing each and every week.  The final point that sells me is that he doesn’t do it by himself.  He makes every effort to include new guests and voices on MKR, bringing fans together in one place and building the monster kid community all over the place.


Category 29: The Monster Kid Hall of Fame

Although I’m going to pitch (and vote for) Vince Rotolo, I don’t feel like I’m qualified to explain why.  I’m relatively new to the podcasting community (thanks again, Derek, for the encouragement and inspiration) and heard only a handful of B-Movie Cast episodes before Vince passed.  This won’t be the first place you’ve heard encouragement to vote for Vince, so I’ll let you do a little research yourself so others tell you why it’s not only appropriate, but necessary, that we vote for him.

That’s it for this year’s Rondo Awards!  I enjoyed digging into the nominees a little deeper than I have in the past.  If anyone asks, I can at least say I did a fair amount of consideration of all nominees before casting votes for my favorites.  I hope someone found it helpful.

Ballots are due April 16, 2017.  Simply send your votes in an email to  You do not have to vote in every category.  For more information, visit

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