Happy New Year from Classic Horrors.club!

The realities of 2016 have provided enough horror that you might want to spend New Year’s Eve curled up in a ball on the floor.  But if you can reach your computer or remote control and do a little creative searching online (or in your own video library), there are a handful of classic horror movies you can watch while dreaming of a better 2017.  These movies remind us that New Year’s Eve could be worse, believe it or not…


The Phantom Carriage (1921)

On New Year’s Eve, a drunkard, David Holm (Victor Sjostrom) takes a supernatural carriage ride and is forced to reflect on his life by the driver, who was the last person to die the previous year.  Will David become next year’s driver?

DVD & Blu-ray: The Criterion Collection
Streaming: indieflix


Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

The body of beautiful model Joan Gale (Monica Bannister) is found on New Year’s Eve, an apparent victim of suicide.  However, when a hideous monster steals her body, reporter Florence Dempsey (Glenda Farrell) suspects murder.

DVD: Warner Bros.


Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

After learning she’s pregnant, Rosemary Woodhouse’s (Mia Farrow) neighbors pay extra attention to her.  At a New Year’s Eve party, Roman and Minnie Castavet (Sidney Blackmer and Ruth Gordon) and their friends make a toast to the new year, calling it “year one.”

DVD & Blu-ray: The Criterion Collection
Streaming: CinemaNow, hulu, Fandango Now, iTunes, epix, amazon video, VUDU


The Fifth Cord (1971)

The victim of an attack following a new year’s party believes it was a murder attempt.  Sure enough, other guests from the party are targeted and become fatalities in a series of vicious murders.

DVD: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Streaming: amazon video

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