Plan 10 from Outer Space Kickstarter Launches



New York, July 7, 2016:  When director Ed Wood set out to make Plan 9 from Outer Space back in 1959, he never knew what a cult following he would unleash upon the world.  Dubbed “The Worst Film Ever Made” and even being named as such in one of the most legendary Seinfeld episodes ever, “The Chinese Restaurant,” Plan 9 From Outer Space became the stuff of legend.

Now, two highly touted indie creators, James Mascia & Michael Dolce have reimagined the film as a brand new graphic novel for the 21st century that both honors Wood’s original intentions while putting a new spin on the concept of humans vs. monsters vs. aliens.

“When James approached me with the idea of a sequel to Plan 9, it immediately got the juices flowing,” creator and radio host Michael Dolce said. “When coming up with Plan 10 we kept coming back to our society’s dependence on cell phones and technology and the story took off from there.”

Plan 10 takes place in the tiny town of Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA, reimagining the original Plan 9 for our modern times. In this version, our heroes are no strangers to fiendish ghouls, vampires and zombies and quickly dispatch the so-called threat. The aliens are left with no choice: Plan 10: enslave humanity through a mobile app called Sentient and destroy us one cell phone at a time.

To make the 64-page graphic novel come true the creators are looking for $7,500 dollars, the cost of which will be applied to artists Osiris Junior and Tony Moy. There are also some innovative rewards that include inviting backers to join host Michael Dolce on his weekly Live Radio Show and podcast, “Secrets of the Sire,” via

If you’d like to learn more, please visit the Kickstarter campaign link.

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